Monday, April 18, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 16

So today, I was excited to see the first of the crocuses spring up in the garden! There are not as many as past years, but the very sight of them made me so happy!!
I was also feeling a little like Emily Dickinson in the poetry world and wrote up a short blurb about the crocuses that went something like this:

To the Crocuses  

Oh! would I were a crocus!
Yellow, white, or purple,
such sweet cherubs of the garden
are they!
I do envy how they
buoy one’s spirit!
To bring such vernal joy to those
who cast their eye upon them,
would I were a crocus!
Resilient flowers be they;
each spring, above the snow
they peek their heads, against
all odds!
Dear, enchanting crocus,
you are much admired!


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