Monday, April 11, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 11

There was a crazy thunderstorm last night into the morning, and it woke me up and was quite scary at times! I was going to write about that but could not conjure the words for it.  Instead, I read my
'Poem a Day' email (sign up for daily poems at and was inspired by a poem by Dean Young.
I'm not quite sure how I was inspired by it, I just read the poem and found words for my own.


Thoughts, haphazard,
pasted on the brain in no
particular order, like some collage
created in 3rd grade;
Reaching perfection
is hardy the goal,
it’s more like reaching
a balance, though difficult
in this helter-skelter world
that operates at full tilt,
racing pell-mell, headlong
into the next moment
Just muddled, jumbled and
cluttered, with knick-knacks
and brickabrack, what a mess!
Spring cleaning otta fix it,
Racing running, forgetting
fixing, swerving,
Jotting mishmash chaos,
There! and I almost just


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