Saturday, April 9, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 9

Good afternoon!

Today was just lovely to out writing poems in! It was very warm and sunny, so nice...
Here is your daily dose of poetry (another sonnet!):

The Songs of Spring

In Spring the air is full of rhymes,
our laughter ripe with song and cheer-
in these brief months I often hear
the song of birds and churches’ chimes.
In Spring the air is sweet and warm
with the scent of roses on your nose-
the garden abandoned by scavenging crows,
instead, bluebirds and sparrows swarm.
In Spring our eyes are bright with love,
our furtive glances filled with mirth,
and welcoming the world’s rebirth
eyes shining from the sun above.
With every day, the songs of Spring abound,
our glasses filled, we drink the lovely sound.


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