Sunday, April 3, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 3

Hello! I have a poem for you today, but first I want to talk to you a little about my day: I went skiing (thanks to this new snow) to demonstrate Nordic ski technique for this video my 4-H club is making. Then I went to town to work on my ukulele that I am making with my friend and her dad (!!!!!!!). It's so amazing!! I will be sure to post about a MILLION pictures of it when I am done.
And then I came home and wrote this poem, just for you:

White Walls

Spots of color mark their place
like dog-eared pages,
where our colored pencils touched
the white walls.
Out of boredom
or reason to fill the time
we took to the them,
marking up the pure white with
colorful blemishes.

Whimsical images
flung about the room,
splashing color on the white,
tiny bits of memory contained  
in a single scribble of blue
or green,
or pink,
where our thoughts were once
delayed, if only for a moment’s time.


1 comment:

  1. Your poems sound good when read to a nevershoutnever tune...Try it=)