Monday, April 18, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 17

I just want to mention that this vacation week I am dressing up in outfits from different time periods. I was inspired to do so after watching 'A Room with a View' (sooo good!) last night and dressed up in clothing from that time period today...And it's super fun!
So anyway, that little side note was brought on because the poem for today is about this certain article of clothing (shirt) that I always wore when playing dress up when I was younger, and I had to wear it today for my 'room with a view' costume. SOOO, without further ado, today's poem:

The Costume

It was just a shirt;
White, high-necked
button up, with torn shoulder.
When I wore it
I became
a boy,
a sailor,
Victorian lady,
Anything that our play required.
I was fit to travel
oceans, and
on steam trains,
A costume essential of mine,
always in need of repair
(and maybe a little grimy
from constant use).
I don it now, (too small
and missing buttons on the sleeve)
and return
to who I was
somewhere years ago,
when all I needed to become someone else
was an old white shirt,
and a little imagination.


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