Monday, April 18, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 15

Hello, hello!
My dear friend Emily's birthday was today and being the friend of a poet, she was gifted with a poem!
(don't worry if a lot of this is lost on you, reader, for we have some crazy jokes between us)

This is Not Your Only Gift (aka Emily’s Birthday Poem)

Cheers to Emily! All raise your glasses!
Her wit is a sharp as a cuttlefish flashes,
she surrounds herself with things like mustaches
and pine cones and breadfish and double rainbows!
She loves Japanese culture and music and clothes,
I’m practically positive she won’t wrinkle her nose
at purple ties, striped socks, or even banjos
(and when I get one I will write her a song!)
She spends her time reading and drawing and fencing,
practices the fine arts of sewing and dancing,
the girl is quite good at just being amazing,
a more eclectic companion could never be found!
Now every year, somewhereabouts Tax Day
We gather to somewhat rambunctiously say:
“Happy Birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday!!”
I hope you enjoyed your birthday poem, Emily!

    Happy Birthday Emily!


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