Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring! and all the rest...

Well, first of all, Happy spring! It is snowing where I am so it doesn't really feel spring-like now...but anyhow, I really want to let y'all know about this contest I just entered on Instructables!
It's a contest to submit photos of a project that you have made and I submitted some photos of these shoes that I drew on. But I can't really explain it with words so here is the link!

You can vote for the contest winner too! (hint, hint XD )

Oh, and have you heard of Regina Spektor? Right now I am so in love with her music!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 28

We had an icy rain last night and when I walked out to take care of the animals I ran back inside to get the camera because the trees were covered in a layer of ice!

They sparkled in the morning sunlight...

Sooo...this is the last day of my photography challenge but I promise that I will have more challenges because I had a really good time finding beauty in this not-so-bleak month!! If people are reading this blog, I would like to hear your feedback on what I should do next! :)


Day 27

Another fire picture! I was stoking the fire and noticed that the flames were really vibrant so I grabbed the camera and took this...

A toasty warm fire is always a good thing :D


Day 26

I was at a ski race last week in Gray and snapped this shot of a row skis stuck in the snow. My dad was looking through the pictures on the camera and when he came to this one he said: 'Now that's a beautiful picture!' so I decided to post it. The sky was looking really beautiful that day too but I wasn't able to capture it with the camera...


Day 25

I admit, I did set this photo up a bit. Toulouse was sitting on the kitchen bench and I thought he looked a lot like the Toulouse Lautrec poster 'Le Chat Noir' (which is how our cat got his name!) so I had my brother hold up this orange raincoat behind him and I took the shot. ;)

meow! he is sooo handsome :)


Day 24

A hemlock covered in newly fallen pretty!


Day 23

We had this huge snowstorm last week that produced a foot of snow! I went out to take care of the chickens and Zenry came out to greet me! 

You can see the snow falling thickly in the background...


Day 22

This is just a shot of a leaf with light from a lamp behind it. I liked the way the tiny hairs on the edge of the leaf are visible when you put light behind it.


Day 21

This is a mural that my 4-H club made from a Gustav Klimt painting. We each had a square of the print of the painting and enlarged it using various mediums. My square is the second down on the far right column.

The original painting by Klimt is so beautiful and uses a lot of gold. The painting is called 'The Kiss'.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 20

My beautiful cat Faith! I was hanging out on the couch with the camera looking for something beautiful to take a picture of and Faith came right up to me! She is so sweet. :) 


Day 19

This shot is of the very, very full moon through the trees in my front yard.  The camera caught the light of the moon in this really eerie way...


Day 18

Just because I have not been posting doesn't mean I haven't been taking pictures!! :) 
This is from my visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It's a piece of the Tiffany stained glass, and so beautiful!! There were so many beautiful pieces of stained glass that I could barely make up my mind of which one to post...I really like this one though. 

I love the way the light passes through this. The glass was thicker in some areas so you get this lovely variation of shades.