Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Poetry Challenge: Day 5

Hola, amigos!

I was gone all day today! Library, Band, Play rehearsal (pit band for 'Annie Get Your Gun') and just got home! Anyway, I am suffering from writer's block; my muse Erato, muse of lyric poetry, seemed to abandon me.....
Anyway, today's poem is about that:

Verse on Lost Inspiration

Where hast thou gone,
my Muse?
Has wanderlust enticed thee
to leave me thus?
Stranded, pen in hand to stare
upon a blank page
while thoughts cease to inspire?
Canst thou return and
put end to this maddening lack
of creative thought?
Will thou ever return to me?
Answer, oh Muse!

You will come on your own will
I suppose...
When you see fit,
you will inhabit my mind once again;
Dear Muse, I await the day!
I can hardly stand the stagnant
flow of though that barely runs
through my head,
Oh Muse, remember me!
I am still sitting where you left me,
pen poised in hand,


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