Saturday, May 14, 2011

Days 28, 29, & 30

I'm so sorry for not posting sooner! I have been writing a lot of poetry and today I will share with you my last poems; three short verses inspired by the poet Richard Brautigan.

Dentist Acquaintance

I am sure that if we had met
anywhere else,
we would have become great friends.


I promised that I would not forget
to give back the hair clip,
but here I am at home taking it off
in front of a mirror.

Strawberry Jam

It would be such a great name
for a band.

I had a great time with this challenge! I am going to bind a book with all of the poems from this month. I will post once I have done that!
Thanks for reading, and the support!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 26

Today was damp and dreary and I was writing this sort of damp and dreary poem, but decided to write something a bit less damp and dreary and I will stop saying damp and dreary now so you can read the poem:

 On Life

Some lives burst like the blossoming flower,
full of color and vivacity
and scented like the sweetest blooms.
Lives that ripen and mature like the choicest fruits,
objects of envy and high regard;
these lives like flowers lack not content nor joy,
and end surrounded by their admirers.
Other lives spring up among the grasses,
like a simple cornflower, plain but pure,
and toil, unnoticed beside the milkweed
taking joy in simple bliss.
These lives fade like the wilting flower,
slow and without ceremony.
They go unnoticed and depart
but leave their seeds to carry on.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 25

I have recovered from my need to write angsty poetry and as an apology I wrote something to a sweeter and more whimsical tune.


Spindle legged creature
who spins her silken thread;
and weaves her silver draperies
that hang above our heads.
She knits such lovely shawls
to drape about the arms,
and sometimes I leave out my socks
and by morning find them darned.

Poetry Challenge: Day 24

I think it is an unspoken rule that no poet can go through life without having ever written an angst poem. Well, here it is; I severely apologize in advance.


All the world is full of fire!
blurred by abomination,
and reeks of self-suffocating ire:
All hate resides within this nation.
Oh! wretched thing, oh loathed being:
So immune to noble feeling.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 23

It is raining today, but it is a sweet kind of rain. Gentle and quiet.


When it rains in spring, all is quiet.
The farms and fields are hushed by
some sweet lullaby that calms and allays fears.
Rain falls in the country like a balm to soothe
the cold and cracked winter earth,
a live-giving drought that the soil drinks eagerly.
The fields become an old world scene,
a quaint pastoral vision,
a landscape from long ago.
Through this antique glass I cast my eye upon
the wonders brought out by the rain:
Lambs prancing merrily in the cooling drops and
bounding though small puddles.
Their black faced mothers chide them from the barn door.
I see the apple orchard over the hill,
the rows of blooming trees, robust and hearty.
In fall their fruit will yield a mighty harvest.
A pair of ducks court in the little pond o’er
yonder, fanning and swimming circles around
each other, they do not mind wet weather.
I withdraw from my antique view of the world
and make for the barn for eggs. My footsteps
are muffled in the sodden earth. Yesterday
I would have started with each step,
but now I plod on in silent reverie, my thoughts
lost in the quiet of spring rain. 


Friday, April 22, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 22

Happy Earth Day!! (but really, shouldn't Earth day be every day?!)

This morning I woke up to the sound of birds singing and the moment was so pleasant that I wanted to capture it in words. You know how when you wake up early and it is all quiet in the house and you hear the birds outside, and slowly the house and it's occupants wake and begin to move around? But the birds keep on singing.


the birds are singing
morning breaks
all the house is still-
the birds are singing
the house now stirs;
someone the kettle fills
the birds are singing
daylight reins
gone is the morning chill
the house is full of noises
and the birds are singing still


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 21

Today is Charlotte Bronte's Birthday!
A poet and novelist, she wrote Jane Eyre (you should all read this!!!) which I am re-reading in preparation for the movie! I think I'm going to see it with my mom tomorrow!  Here is a link to some of her poems. (Lost of them are quite long so I didn't post one here)

And here is today's poem. If you write letters, you might be able to relate to this...


I lingered on niceties that are not necessary with us,
I remarked upon the weather,
(which was not really a must)
so now all I have to say
is left at the bottom of the page
in a nicely-written, small-lettered postscript.


P.S. I have had 'Think of Me' from the Phantom of the Opera playing over and over through my head all day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 20

Day 20 already!  How the time flies! We will be into May in no time.

Today is very damp and drizzle-y, hence today's poem:


The clouds stretch out-
neutral, gray, homeless;
wandering across the damp horizon
in search of a place to sleep.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Poetry Challenge: Day 19

I've found that I have been noticing crows around a lot recently. Yesterday I was walking next to the car and caught sight of a flying crow's reflection on the tinted windows.
This poem was sort of inspired by Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird  by Wallace Stevens.

Observing Crows

Cawing in the garden
they make a handsome bunch
of bachelors
My footsteps scatter
them from their morning
Hunched and dark,
they brood on the picket
fence amongst the
raindrops and ravens
A reflection seen in the
dark of a car window,
I turn to snatch a


Poetry Challenge: Day 18

Day 18's poem will be brought to you visually! I wrote these silly verses yesterday and drew the comics today, hope you enjoy!

Mellow Yellow

I bought a yellow bicycle last week when I went to town,
but I fear I'll never ride it for the rain keeps pouring down.

I made a yellow sundress yesterday in my spare time,
it didn't fit me so I sold it for 2 quarters and a dime.

I found a yellow pencil today on my daily walk
and traded it and a piece of gum for a blackboard and some chalk.

And there you go! Sorry that the photos were not in better shape...I did this sort of on the fly.