Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beauty in the Bleakness: 28 days of photography in February

So, I have always thought of February as this desolate and bleak time of year, albeit a short one.
In the mornings of February I trudge out to feed the chickens and give the rabbits water, all the while  snow builds up in my boots and harsh wind whips at the exposed places on my face. Maybe I'm making this up to be much worse than it is, but that is always how I remember February; cold, sad, bleak
But in reality, I realize that Spring is coming up quick, and soon all of this snow will just melt away like it was never here.

Anyway,  I was thinking that this year I would challenge myself to find beautiful things in February, and not focus on the hopeless part...AND I was looking for a creative outlet... so, TADA! I'll challenge myself to take a picture every day this month of something beautiful!  (not bleak!)

So here it goes.

Day 1
This is a shot of our goose, Zenry. Curly feathers, he is so beautiful! It was snowing out and pretty nippy when I took this so I didn't even take off my sheepskin gloves!